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Youth Soccer

“Kids are over coached. Let the kids play & find their love of the game.” – JLF

We think most American soccer fans would agree that we could learn a thing or two from the Europeans when it comes to the sport. We’re investing in the future of soccer here in America by bringing the opportunity to play soccer to the children of today, and the role models of tomorrow. Street Soccer Park is making youth soccer more available in a community near you. We’re turning useless real-estate into playing fields, where kids can be active, improve their soccer skills and most importantly, have fun.

The youth soccer program that you might be used to, consisting of two, two hour practices and one, ninety-minute game a week is the foundation for the sport. But is driving for two hours to watch your kid play thirty minutes because everyone needs a turn something that seems legitimate to you? At the Street Soccer Park’s Youth Soccer program, games are smaller and faster, so more kids get more play time.
Do you ever feel like your child’s coach is inexperienced, or over-coaching them? Is it totally out of your control and not what you expected? Have you reached your tolerance levels with other parents on the sidelines yelling “boot it!”? 
At the Street Soccer Park, we let the kids play. The Youth Soccer program is a place where our youth can get off their phones and onto the pitch and play, play, play. It works like this:  We set up three games; win, loose, draw it doesn’t matter half times an eternity away and each and every goal, block, assist, is an experience that can be built upon for the next round.
Our goal is to build on the foundation that your children already have, to let them play on their own without being over-coached, without feeling pressure to perform. We aim to find the fun for everyone, while building critical skills for your children to utilize both on and off the field. We want our youth soccer players to hone their craft, develop new techniques, and build relationships with people who love the game and want to help instill that value in our/your community.
Yes, American soccer has a long road ahead, but we’re bringing soccer to you, on every corner. Once it’s in your neighborhood there’s no excuse not to support it.
Check out the Youth Soccer League by Street Soccer Park near you and join the fun. 
Kids Pick Up Soccer

Show Up, Join a Team, Play to Win

Youth Drop-In Mini-Tournaments are offered at both locations.
Join us for any of our Drop-in Sessions throughout the week at the Street Soccer Park! Just sign-up in advance to make sure you save your spot!

San Rafael Schedule

Youth Drop-in Mini-Tournament

Youth Drop-in Mini-Tournament Wednesday 4:30pm-6:00pm

San Francisco Schedule

Youth Drop-in Mini-Tournament TBD TBD

Players are divided into teams and a round robin tournament takes place on the spot.

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