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Small Side Soccer Rules

Small Sided-Soccer Pick Up Rules:

  • All participants must be registered to play at the Park.
  • A player can register online, via our App, or when he/she arrives at the facility.
  • Shin-guards are required.
  • Bibs and goalie gloves are provided.

Game Environment

  • We shake hands before and after each game.
  • We are respectful to one another.
  • We stop play if a player is injured. Report to the Site Manager if serious.
  • We don’t record scores. We play to have fun.
  • We call our own fouls and rule infractions. NOTE: This emphasizes our core value of Community.


  • Pre-register online, via the App, or just show up 15 minutes before the time listed on the website and register on-site.
  • Pick-Up-Tournament coordinator will check players in, divide players into as many 5v5 teams as possible, and organize a round-robin tournament.
  • Each player/team is given a jersey to change into which is required to be worn for the pick-up.
  • Jerseys are returned after the tournament and washed for the next mini-tournament or pick-up.

Game Rules

  1. No body contact- think basketball – any shoving, pushing, hacking, grabbing, tripping, etc. is NOT allowed. The ball must be taken away cleanly from the opposing player. This is to focus on ball skills over physical play and prevent injuries.
  2. No slide tackles, no headers, no two hands on the field wall, and no playing the ball by a player who is on the ground.
  3. No players are allowed inside the goal keeper areas except for the respective goal keepers. You must shoot and defend from outside the goal keeper areas. This includes “fishing” or reaching inside the goal keeper area for a ball.
  4. A ball is still in play if it makes contact with the walls. If the ball makes contact with the net or goes out of the field over the walls, the ball is considered “out” and the other team is awarded with a “roll-in” from the spot where the ball left the field of play. Same rule applies for corners. Defenders must allow 5ft of space for a “roll-in”.
  5. You must call your own fouls and rule infractions. If a foul or rule infraction is called, the team calling the foul or rule infraction is awarded an INDIRECT kick from the spot of the foul.
  6. Special Goal Keeper Rules:
    1. Once a goal is scored, the goal keeper plays the ball back into play by rolling a ball to his/her teammate with his or her hand. This “roll-in” must be played below the height of the field walls.
    2. A goal keeper can use his or her hands in the goal keeper area, but a goal keeper cannot pick up a “pass back” from a teammate with his or her hands.
    3. A goal keeper can play in the field, but looses his or her ability to use their hands.
    4. A goal keeper can be switched out on a dead ball or at half-time.

Field Surface:

The Street Soccer Park pitch comprises of a quality artificial turf flooring and 4ft high walls. Part of the court will have nets above the walls used to prevent the ball from leaving the field of play.

Both the floor and walls comprise of the field of play and as such, the ball is still in play when it comes into contact with these surfaces. The nets, however, are not. If the ball hits the net or leaves the field of play, the ball will be deemed to be out and play will be restarted accordingly.

Field Markings:

The field is marked with two goal creases, and a halfway line.

There are no touchlines because the walls surround the pitch. The goal line is between the goal posts and under the cross bar. The field of play is divided into two halves by a halfway line. There are no flagposts or corner arcs on the courts.


Size of court: 72 ft (long) x 52 ft (wide).

Size of goals: 4ft (tall) x 12 ft (wide).

Goal Areas:

The penalty/goalkeeper area is a semi-circle with a 10 ft radius.

Nets will be attached to the goals and the ground behind the goal.  The nets and goals are properly supported and will not interfere with the goalkeeper.

Substitution Zone:

The Substitution Zone will be outside the field of play. There is a door which allows access to the court for the teams players. Teams are only permitted to use the door in front of the Substitution Zone for their players to enter and leave the field of play. Jumping over the wall is not permitted. The door must be closed again immediately after a player enters/leaves the field so as not to interfere with the game.

The Ball

The ball used for this Small Sided Game is a Street Soccer Park custom low bounce ball.


The game only stops for injury.

Rain & Lightning Policy

Games will be played rain or shine. In the event of lightning, the Street Soccer Parks will operate under the “30-30 rule”, which means that if thunder is heard within 30 seconds of a lightning strike, games will be stopped for at least 30 minutes. If a second lightning strike is heard within 30 seconds during the stop time of the first lightning bolt, the waiting clock is reset to 30 minutes before games can be resumed. The manager on site may suspend and reschedule games if lightning continues to delay games.


  • 5-9 players total per team.
  • Maximum of 5 players per team on the court.
  • 4 outfield players.
  • 1 goalkeeper.
  • 4 substitute players.

Duration of matches

Two halves of TBD length, no halftime.