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Play for More

The Street Soccer Park is part of the Street Soccer USA movement.

At Street Soccer USA, we play for more. More opportunity for growth. More ways to win. For players in our social programs, winning is completing rehabilitation, earning a high school degree, improving grades in school or applying for a job. No matter what challenges our players face, we help them achieve their goals and rise to new levels of success.

Our curriculum connects soccer skills to life skills, giving players the tools they need to unlock the promise in themselves.

In just over ten years, Street Soccer USA has grown from a single program in Charlotte, North Carolina to a national network of 15,000 kids, teens, and adults in 14 different cities. We are on a tireless mission to help more people across the country play, grow, and win—and we want you on our team. Together, we can play for more.

Street Soccer USA hosts competitive adult leagues and world class events that bring thousands of people together to play in support of our work.

Tenderloin Street Soccer USA – San Francisco

On December 17th about 100 local kids and families came out to celebrate the holiday season “Street Soccer-style” with a Soccer Fest and tournament at our newest mini-pitch facility at Tenderloin Children’s Playground in San Francisco. 

Street Soccer USA –  Philadelphia

With our partners from Kensington Soccer Club, the Street Soccer USA Park- Philadelphia facility has already played host to four tournaments as well as regular practices, where over 200 youth have had the chance to learn and play the game.

Street Soccer USA Player of the Month –  Minneapolis

Adil Abdirahman earns tryout with professional soccer club in Germany. Adil trained with the club’s reserve side and the Under 19 Academy team and had the chance to watch the Bundesliga 3 pro-team train. Adil also met with Joe Enochs, the head coach of VfL Osnabrück, and was able to learn more about life as a professional soccer player in Germany. Adil plans to finish high school in June 2017 and will continue to pursue his dream to play professional soccer.

Playing for Bigger Goals

Sport for Social Change is a method of bringing about social change through engaging communities in sport.  These programs are used as a tool to help individuals in need to learn lifelong skills & connect with their community. Street Soccer USA is founded on 8 Skills taught through Soccer: Show Up, Play with Heart, Look Up, Take the Space, Build Your Triangle, Praise Great Play, Play the Plan, Adjust the Plan. With this focus, Street Soccer USA provides a problem solving framework that their participants can apply to every situation that life confronts them with.

Through a close partnership, Urban Soccer Park builds all Street Soccer USA’s Mini-Pitches all across the United States, Urban Soccer Park also donates money to help fund fields in neighborhoods where there is a real need.  Street Soccer USA develops Urban Mini Soccer Pitches in underserved communities based on their successful model established in East New York, Brooklyn New York, Tenderloin & Western Addition Neighborhoods of San Francisco.

These installations are the same fields that are used for their matches in Times Square – New York City, Union Square – San Francisco & Museum Steps – Philadelphia. They beautify the surroundings, have a 10 year + life span, can improve storm water drainage, have low to no maintenance costs, and most importantly provide a safe place to play.   The sad reality is that children in low-income neighborhoods spend most of their recreation time on unsafe and unsightly asphalt playgrounds. Skinned knees and injuries are all too common. Our Mini-Pitches provide the contained area for Street Soccer USA’s programming and events for the community such as anti-­obesity, anti-­violence, and entrepreneurship programs.

If you want an Urban Mini Soccer Pitch in your community, contact us and we can help make that happen.