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Adult Soccer Leagues

There’s a shiny, new and improved way to play in an Adult Soccer League — it’s faster, it’s built to make you better, and (dare we say) it’s more fun. Don’t believe us? We don’t blame you. It’s always a little tough to shake things up, to take a sharp turn off the beaten path. We understand. But this Adult Street Soccer League is something you’ve got to see for yourself. The phenomenon is part of the Street Soccer Park mission to make soccer more accessible.

Already, there are thousands of players in multiple cities across America playing better because of Street Soccer. It’s faster, and you’ll end up getting more touches than pony at a petting zoo on a Saturday.  Meanwhile you’re improving your critical ball skills by making triangles, playing to feet and building from the back. Remember how good it felt to score six goals in five minutes? Can you remember the last time you did that? Was it last week, when you played in the Adult Soccer league? If not, it should have been.

The Adult Soccer League is made up of players that come from all over the place, and every type of background. Whether you’re a starving artist or a billionaire tech mogul, you’re all still playing toward the only goal that matters; fun.

The fields are short, turfed, smooth, and even. These games are four vs four, and the overhead lights illuminate nets that prevent you from having to shag a shanked shot. Every time you score you’ll hear the sweet, oh-so-satisfying twang of a cow bell. There is water, goalie gloves, pumps, and ample seating for family and friends.

When you join the Adult Soccer League you’re not just playing fast, fun,high quality soccer. You’re choosing to engage with being part of something bigger than yourself. So what are you waiting for? Plug into the Street Soccer Park Adult Soccer League and recharge your soccer community.

Adult Soccer League

Adult Soccer Leagues

  • Coed Corporate League
  • Coed League
  • Women’s League
  • Corporate League
  • Over 35 League
  • Baller League
  • Social League

*Social League: Meeting people and getting on the pitch is a win every time.
*Baller League: Losing isn’t an option. Ballers only please.

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2018 League Schedules

New season! New Year!

Schedules subject to change. Please confirm upon registration.

San Francisco

Monday Corporate Coed League- 1 spot left! August 20
Tuesday Social League- 1 spot left! August 21
Wednesday Corporate Coed League- 2 spots left! August 22

San Rafael

Monday Baller League- 1 spot left! August 20
Tuesday Baller League- 1 spot left! August 21
Wednesday Baller League- Full- waitlist only August 22
Thursday Baller League- Full- waitlist only August 23

*Want to play now?! Prorated registration available for late-comers! Please email GM@StreetSoccerPark.com for more details.

Current League Standings

San Francisco Standings
San Rafael Standings

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