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$5 – Five A Side Soccer

“Best Soccer Deal in San Francisco. Come at 9:30 & Play till 11:00 every weeknight.”

Futsal, Small Sided Soccer, In Door Soccer, Street Soccer, it does not matter what you call it but it is the most popular game in the world. 5 v 5 Soccer. That’s right. The most popular game in the world, played by more people than all other sports combined. Maybe I need a fact check here, but you get the idea.

Come after work or after the family is put to sleep and just play some 5 A Side Soccer. Multiple Games, in an hour and a half & call it a successful night.

We don’t know if there is anything better than the feeling you can get from sliding a well-placed pass to your teammate and watching them drive that pass past a goalie into the goal against the metallic chain linked nets, and hearing the satisfying twang of a cowbell reverberate around the field and through your ears, signaling a successfully scored goal.

That’s 5 a side soccer at the Street Soccer Park. It’s fast, clean, friendly competitive soccer; while also being a venue for expanding your social network. Nothing strengthens relationships like a team.

The fields are short, turfed, smooth, and even. They don’t collect moisture and won’t give you rug burn. It’s five vs. five, and the overhead lights illuminate nets that prevent you from having to shag a shanked shot. There is water, custom Street Soccer Park balls, clean pinnies for each team and ample seating for family and friends.

5 A Side Soccer is a great way to stay injury free and keep your fitness and twitch muscles in shape. It’s a friendly and fast game. It’ll keep you and your friends playing the sport you grew up playing while also introducing you to a community of other individuals that have shared similar experiences and want to continue developing their skills as well as their social circle. Most importantly it’s fun and one of the most socially friendly and accepting atmospheres in the United States.

5 A Side Soccer

Late Night $5 – 5 A Side Soccer

  • Call it Futsal
  • Call it 5 v 5
  • Call it Small Sided Soccer
  • Call it 5 A Side
  • Call it Futbal
  • or Just Call it Soccer

*The most popular sport in the world
*Brought to the USA by Street Soccer Park

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San Francisco

5 A Side Drop In Soccer Time
Tuesday 9:30 pm – 11:00 pm

San Rafael

5 A Side Drop In Soccer Games
Start Time
Monday – Friday 9:30 pm – 11:00 pm

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